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News Anchor Discusses Heartache of Infertility

“I really kept it a secret. So many women do,” said FOX News anchor Alisyn Camerota in a moving segment about infertility on the Today Show this morning. In an effort to help other women going through it, Camerota opened up to Ann Curry about her own 3-year struggle with infertility, a condition that affects a staggering 1 in 8 couples of reproductive age.

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Camerota and Curry discussed how isolating, lonely, and even shameful, infertility can feel, and the findings of a 2000 Harvard Medical School study, which showed that participation in an infertility support group can actually increase a woman’s chances of conceiving in a given menstrual cycle over 50 percent, jumping from 20 to 54 percent. Dr. Linda Applegarth, Director of Psychological Services at the Center for Reproductive Medicine, explained that not only are support groups important for women to find common ground with others and a safe space to share their feelings, but they can also be a wealth of knowledge regarding appropriate information about where to go for good infertility treatment.

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While Camerota ultimately went on to have twin girls through IVF and then naturally conceive a son two years later, she now leads a support group for women dealing with infertility in an effort to give them hope that they too will have a happy ending.

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Have you ever struggled with infertility? Did you keep it a secret, or did you confide in friends, family, or a support group?