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Orbit G2 + Sidekick = Not for Wallflowers

Orbit Baby

I’ve written before about my stroller obsession, which began before the birth of my first son when my husband and I bought an Orbit Baby stroller. Its modern design was head-turning back in ’07, when we first became parents, and the newly-released, eco-friendly G2 model is even more so. I recently got the chance to check out the G2 and its unique riding board, the Sidekick, which looks and rides like a skateboard. (Sadly, it only works with the G2, although the company is offering an upgrade program through November 30, 2010, giving generation-one Orbit owners a 50% discount on the G2 stroller frame.)

The G2 offers all of the features I loved the first time around, including a removable Cargo Pod diaper bag that attaches to the underside of the stroller and can be worn using the shoulder strap, and the ability to lock the seat into place every 90 degrees, allowing your child to face forward, face you, or even be turned sideways. But the icing on this crazy-looking cake has got to be the Sidekick (recommended for kids age 2 and up to 50 pounds). Our three-year-old is, simply, in love with this riding board. And, I’ll admit that I am, too, given that the Sidekick attaches to either (or both, if you have two boards!) rear wheel, moving it out of kicking range for parents, a common complaint of other riding board users, and allows us to get places faster and farther away.

But the G2/Sidekick pairing is not for the shy. My husband, babysitter, and I all noticed separately just how much attention we got strolling down the street, our 17-month-old in the stroller seat, and our 3-year-old cruising along on the Sidekick (which can be flipped up or removed when not in use). When I took the boys in it to the playground, I was inundated with questions about the stroller and the Sidekick, with moms and kids asking for test rides.

Is it a splurge at $750 for the stroller and $120 for the Sidekick? Absolutely. But then again, neighborhood celebrity felt priceless.