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Police Sent for Girl’s Overdue Library Books


The local public library is generally a pretty great place for young families, with free storytimes and loads of books to entice young readers. But one public library is catching some serious flack for sending the police to a young girl’s home because of two overdue library books, reports CBS Boston.

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In Charlton, Massachusetts, a police sergeant appeared at the home of 5-year-old Hailey Benoit because her family had failed to return two library books, which were months overdue. After the sergeant left, little Hailey burst into tears out of fear that she would be arrested.

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Check out the full story (and the pretty sympathetic police officer who got dragged into it):

The family eventually found and returned the books, but insisted that the visit from the police was unnecessary. The library claims that they called the police because the family had failed to respond to earlier warnings (which the family says they never received).

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Have you ever forgotten to return your kids’ library books? Do you think this situation took a turn for the ridiculous?