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Pregnancy Test Keepsake Pouch – Awesome or Eww?


The makers of e.p.t. pregnancy tests recently commissioned a survey which revealed that 67% of expectant moms saved their peed-on home pregnancy test – at least in order to show their partner. (And in the interest of full disclosure, I just found two of my used tests that I’d kept for posterity for the past two years – and then tossed them after I got a whiff. Turns out the smell gets, uh, stronger over time.) According to the survey of more than 800 moms, about 25% of moms actually kept their test throughout their pregnancy and sometimes beyond. But where’s a mom to store such a special urine-soaked memento? In plain ole Ziploc bag? Enter the e.p.t. Keepsake Case with the tagline, Remember the moment you knew.

Granted, the pouch is free with a mail-in proof of purchase, so it’s not like you have to shell out for the thing beyond your purchase of the pregnancy test. That being said, is it really necessary to keep such an item? Did you keep your positive pregnancy tests? Are you with the 77% of moms more likely to keep a pregnancy test if you had a special pouch for it?

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