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Pregnancy Test Results on YouTube: Sweet or TMI?

When it comes to pregnancy, it’s possible to share just about anything with the entire world these days: ultrasound photos on Facebook, Twitter updates during labor—and now there’s a growing number of people sharing news of a pregnancy as they find out themselves, complete with up-close-and-personal shots of the pee-covered pregnancy test or a cup full o’ urine.
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Earlier this week, pulled together a slideshow of “WombTube” videos where women reveal their pregnancy test results online, and I’ll admit to feeling totally teary watching them, because I’m happy for these strangers and because the videos reminds me of my own experiences with the tests. Who could forget the minutes that seemed to stretch into hours while waiting for a second line to appear and the elation at letting my husband in on the news?
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But the videos also gave me pause; are there some things that should remain private? While they’re mostly positive results, the tests are often taken so early in pregnancy that there remain weeks, if not months, before most women would want to share the news with most friends and family, let alone the entire world. What if these positive results ended in a miscarriage or pregnancy complication not long after the video was shot? And then, of course, there’s the question of looking at a cup full of another woman’s pee (but if that’s something you’re squeamish about, then let’s just say these videos are not for you).

Would you tape your pregnancy test results? If so, would you wait until after 12 weeks to share  them with the world?