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Pregnant Woman Kicked Out of Bar


Heard this one before? A pregnant woman walks into a bar where… she gets kicked right back out. Actually, it’s no joke: 29-year-old expectant mom Michelle Lee, who’s eight months along, was asked by a bouncer to leave the Coach House, a restaurant/bar in Roselle, Illinois, reports the Chicago Tribune. (And for those wondering why a pregnant woman would be in a bar, Lee states that she was drinking water and catching up with friends.)

According to Lee, the bouncer told her that the bar would be liable if anything happened to her, like if a fight broke out and she got hurt. In response, Lee said, “That can happen anywhere. If I am going somewhere, I am taking responsibility.”

The Tribune spoke with civil rights experts and a spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union, all of whom agreed that it would be wrong (and illegal) to remove a pregnant woman from a location solely due to her pregnancy. Bar management has thus far declined comment, and Lee is considering speaking with a lawyer.

Moms, did you go to bars when you were pregnant?