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Pregnant Women May Get Free Parking in NYC


It’s a case of miracles begetting miracles: a New York City councilman has proposed legislation granting expectant moms free parking in NYC, reports the New York Daily News. Pregnant women whose doctors say that they have physical or mobility challenges could receive special parking placards allowing them to park for free in no-parking or no-standing zones until 30 days after their expected due date. The bill would not grant expectant moms the right to park in handicapped spaces in parking lots or allow them to park all day without feeding the meter, unlike people with permanent disabilities.

The legislation is similar to laws already on the books elsewhere, including Georgia and Oklahoma, but given how challenging it can be to find on-street parking on New York City, the proposal faces some serious, er, roadblocks, from transportation critics. Additionally, some women’s rights advocates foresee that the granting of special parking privileges could lead to discrimination against pregnant women.

Moms, would you appreciate special parking privileges during pregnancy?