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Real Housewives’ Kim Zolciak Pumps & Drives


There’s no question that working moms of breastfed babies have got it tough—trying to find a place and time to pump every couple of hours in order to maintain their supply and produce enough milk for bottles while they’re away from their babes. And while we’ve heard about moms who have been forced to pump in storerooms, public restrooms, and other less-than choice locales, fortunately we can’t think of many who have used a breast pump while driving.

Recently, Kim Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta did just that—having her 14-year-old daughter steer the car while she pumped—both her breasts and the brakes. While it’s awesome that Zolciak is apparently so devoted to breastfeeding, we’d think it would be worth the time to stop and pull over to pump or have a licensed driver take the wheel for a bit, in order to avoid running the risk of an accident.

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What’s the worst—or weirdest—place you ever had to use a breast pump?