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Registries for Kids: Do or Don’t?


While gift registries for weddings and baby showers are ubiquitous, a growing number of parents are creating registries for their kids, so they don’t end up with unwanted stuff, and gift givers don’t waste their money. But are kids’ registries totally practical or just in poor taste?

National Public Radio recently ran a story about gift registries, with parents on both sides of the issue weighing in. On the one hand, it can be hard to know what your niece might like for Christmas; on the other, it might seem crass to be presented with a long registry, especially if the price points are higher than what feels comfortable for the purchaser. And what kind of message might registering for gifts send to a child – that one’s birthday party is solely about the presents instead of just celebrating in the company of friends and family?

Parents, what are your thoughts on kids’ gift registries? Do they solve the mystery of what to buy, or are they just plain obnoxious?