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San Francisco Voting on Whether to Ban Circumcision


It’s a tough question that many new parents of sons have to ask themselves: To circumcise or not? But new parents in San Francisco may not have the choice for much longer. San Francisco voters will decide on a proposed circumcision ban now that opponents of circumcision, or intactivists, have garnered enough signatures to put their controversial measure on the ballot this November, reports the Associated Press.
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Should the measure pass, it would be illegal to circumcise a male under the age of 18. Doing so would be a misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or up to one year in jail. There would be no religious exemptions, although there are likely to be many legal challenges based on the First Amendment’s promise of religious freedom.
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The proposition is the culmination of a much larger debate going on nationally about the health benefits of circumcision. Worldwide, only about 30 percent of men are circumcised, while almost 80 percent of American men have been circumcised, according to the Associated Press. But, circumcision rates appear to be dropping dramatically in the U.S. 

Do you feel that circumcision should be a legal matter or a family matter?