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Sand-Off: An Easy Way to Clean Up After the Beach


As a kid growing up near the ocean, one of my fave summer pastimes was hanging out at the beach. And now, as a mom of two little boys, I spend most of my summer weekends at the beach with them—not relaxing and reading a book (surely that day will come again… right?)—but building sand castles, being buried in the sand, and lifting pint-size creatures above the waves. All of which means, that we’re all coated in sand at the end of the day, no matter how much rinsing or toweling-off we do on our way to the car.
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Fortunately, I was just introduced to the magic of Sand-Off, a powder-filled mitt that helps to break the bond between sand and skin, leaving my kids and me virtually sand-free after a super quick wipe-down with it. Not only did my kids not mind my using it on them, but my 4-year-old now insists on doing it himself. It’s re-usable and can last up to a season at the beach—now only if I could get it to fit between their tiny little toes…
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Available at select Walgreens and Bed, Bath & Beyond stores and on, $7.99