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Twitter Fun: Breastfeeding in 3 Words

Tara Sgroi

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, we’re playing a little hashtag game with our followers on Twitter:

@parenting: Happy world #breastfeeding week! Describe your breastfeeding experience in 3 words for us :) #3words

We’ve gotten a great mix of responses, from those who loved it to those who struggled with it, and everything in between. Here are some of our faves thus far:

@gazerella #breastfeeding #3words Everything I hoped.

@joycet0514 Baby mommy superbonding #breastfeeding

@queenbeeto3 STILL GOING STRONG #breastfeeding #3words #extendedbreastfeeding

@amnoble #3words - awesome, intimate, fulfilling!

@rajindkumar01 @parenting Absolutely freakin Amazing!!

@mommyposh Challenging. Rewarding. Selfless.

@mooreofamy Better Than Expected. #3words

@tacomalynette @parenting commited(pumping while at work), satisfying (cuddle time), ouch (when he was trying out new teeth)

@kpierce3986 humbling, gratifying, exhausting #3words

@thomasstott the wife's #3words 'tough but rewarding'

@witt_emily @parenting labor of love #3words

@joyrossi @parenting Beautiful. Bonding. Priceless. #3words

What was your breastfeeding experience in three words? Tell us on Twitter using the hashtag #3words!

It's World Breastfeeding Week through August 7. Stay tuned for a daily post on breastfeeding!