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Unvaccinated Kids Turned Away by Doctors

Laura Moss

Some doctors in Colorado are refusing to see patients who have not been vaccinated, according to The doctors have pointed to recent outbreaks of preventable diseases, like measles and the whooping cough epidemic in California, as well as the danger of exposing children under a year old to serious illnesses in doctors’ waiting rooms, to explain why they are turning away unvaccinated kids.
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Families of unvaccinated children are frustrated of course, arguing that it should be their choice—not their pediatrician’s—as to whether to vaccinate their kids, and that their kids should not be denied medical care. While vaccines have been credited with saving countless lives, many families remain cautious in their approach to vaccinating, often based on research that has since been discredited, linking a preservative in the MMR vaccine to autism.
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Do you think it’s fair for doctors to turn away unvaccinated kids, in the interest of public health?