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Michael Phelps. Still a Role Model?



What do you do when a celebrity role model slips up?

Recently, Michael Phelps was exposed smoking pot.

From CBS News: "A photo wound up in a British tabloid Sunday, forcing Phelps to publicly apologize and his handlers to deal with sponsors whom observers say are surely none-too-pleased about the swimmer's choices away from the pool."

On one hand, I just don't care. His life is his to live.

On the other hand, if I had a child who worshiped Michael Phelps, I'd have some serious explaining to do on Phelps' behalf. Not a fun conversation!

Update -- Parenting editor, Lisa Bain, was interviewed by AP this week and had this to say: "Any conversation you can have with your kids about the choices people make, especially those they hold up as role models, is a good thing." Read the whole story.

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