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Military Moms: Make the Most of Your Money

A few years ago, my husband and I went to see a financial counselor. Our son had just been born, and we had to put things in shape. Complicating this was that we were coming from different worlds: Rob was (and is) enlisted in the Air Force, I was a New York City magazine editor. The way our wages were calculated, the tax rules that applied, how we could see our careers playing out—everything was so different between us.

Our financial planner, it turned out, had himself been in the military for many years, and he had great suggestions on how to use all our many benefits: We got a super low-rate loan, wrote up our will totally free, and found out how to basically get our son’s college paid for. Yay!

So I wanted to pass on that benefit to all the military moms out there (without the honking fee we paid, ouch!). If you have a money question, send it in, and we’ll get Jim Ludwick, founder of MainStreet Financial Planning, which offices in Washington DC and in California, (and a former serviceman himself) to weigh in.

By the holidays, your finances will be ship-shape!