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Miracle Product for Moms: Vaseline

When I was a little girl, I loved watching my mother put on her makeup, and later remove it with her favorite go-to beauty product, Vaseline -- it’s what she still uses, and what I use today. That little tub of petroleum jelly hasn’t changed much in the years -- the price, the packaging, or the seemingly infinite amount of uses. It’s definitely a wonder product. For about four bucks, you can buy a tub big enough to do everything from soothing small cuts to making sure your nail polish caps don’t stick. I keep it on hand to:

  • Remove makeup
  • Soothe chapped lips (and give them a pretty little shine)
  • Moisturize extremely dry skin (especially those elbows!)
  • Soften skin at night (put a coat on your hands or feet before bed and sleep with them covered in gloves or socks)
  • Remove rings that won’t budge
  • Prevent chaffing (especially against stinging sports bra rub)
  • Put on minor cuts to keep dirt out as it heals

Some wacky uses that I’ve heard of, but haven’t yet tried:

  • Put it on leather to stop it from cracking and give it a little waterproof coating
  • Remove scratches or stain in wooden furtiture by covering with Vaseline, letting it sit for 24 hours, and wiping away
  • Put it in your kids' hair to remove wads of chewing gum
  • Lubricate rollerblade/skateboard wheels
  • Keep shampoo from getting in a baby's eyes (by putting a bit just above their eyebrows)
  • Put it on the inside edges of your jack-o-lantern carvings to keep the pumpkin fresh longer

What else can it do? Maybe it’s easier to ask: what can’t Vaseline do?