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Mom Body Turnaround: I can move!

A quick catch up: I can walk without pain! The pain from that first workout lasted a good three days. But I've now had about three sessions with Larysa and I'm back to good know, the just-there-enough-ache to remind you that you really worked hard. To be totally honest, I'm pretty psyched it happened this quickly. I seriously was imagining that I'd be immobilized for most of the six weeks.

I also decided to join a gym near my office. I've never been a daytime exerciser. Even though tons of my colleagues over the years have dedicated their lunches to working out, I just never seemed to have enough time. And the thought of getting all hot and sweaty during the day just wasn't appealing. But on this plan, I need to do cardio three days a week on my own...and it's either do it at lunch or get up at 5:30 a.m. and do a video. I'd rather pay a membership fee and figure out how to be more efficient than get up any earlier than necessary! And guess what? It's TOTALLY doable. I've scheduled it into my Outlook calendar like any other appointment and I've allotted an hour total to get there, spend 20 to 30 min on the treadmill, shower (no hair though...pony it is) and get back. Full disclosure: I have the luxury of only having to cross the street to get there, which helps tremendously. 

And the biggest news of all: I ran a mile nonstop yesterday! After just a little over a week!!! Yahoo!! 

What goal did you reach this week? Tell me, tell me!

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