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Mom Body Turnaround: Weigh-in Wednesday!

So here's my first weigh-in: 136 pounds. My goal is to get to 126. That's how much I weighed at the peak of my nursing weight loss. I gained it all back once Jason was weaned. Not sure why I was surprised....I kept eating like a pregnant girl! I have one other goal, too: To run at least 3 miles nonstop. I've never been runner, have hated it actually, but it's soooo efficient, that it would be a great thing to be able to do once bootcamp is over. And in case you were wondering, this is definitely bootcamp. Here's Larysa's plan for me:

We meet three times a week for weight and interval training. On the off days, I do cardio. Preferably running. Biking doesn't count unless it's Spinning (since when doesn't biking count?!). Elliptical is ok, too. And I get one day off. Oh, joy.  I also have to eat better (duh).  The week before we started, Larysa asked me to keep a food log. I wasn't supposed to make any changes to my normal habits, she just wanted to get a sense of where I was. Here was a typical day pre-DiDio: 

Breakfast: Cranberry-orange muffin (with butter of course) and coffee

Lunch: pasta with zucchini, water

Pre-train starvation snack: fritos

Dinner: pancakes (hey, jason wanted breakfast for dinner), milk

The biggest problems: I drink as much as a camel,  and I subsist on carbs alone. I have pasta a good four days a week. 

So now I must drink water AT LEAST at every meal and I have to seriously ratchet up my protein. To help, she suggested I have a protein shake at breakfast and a Luna bar as a snack. The only thing she banned—for now—is pasta. I'll be sharing more diet details in future posts, but suffice it to say, giving up my favorite meal isn't going to be pretty.  

What's also not pretty? Me, now. I can't move. We had our first real session and the things that killed me were the step-ups. As in, "Just keep stepping up on this weight bench that's about 10x higher than those platforms you use in step aerobics." Movement of any kind triggers uncontrollable swearing. I'm also hungry. Not. A. Good. Combination. 

Tell me: How have you dealt with the just-back-to-the gym/DVD/workout regime soreness? And how long did it take to go away? 

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