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Mom Congress Education News Roundup

Check out the latest education-related news from around the web -- then be sure to sign the Mom Congress petition to fix No Child Left Behind.

Fixing No Child Left Behind: What Our Schools Really Need (Huffington Post, 9/16/09)
Partisan fiascoes like the debate over President Obama's speech to students are getting in the way of the actual work that needs to be done for our schools—and our kids.

For Parents, Psychology is Key in Back-to-School Shopping (USA Today, 9/4/09)
The ever-growing and multibillion-dollar back-to-school and college shopping season is not driven only by needs — a 10-year-old can't fit into Crocs for a 9-year-old, after all — but also important psychological hurdles tied to life's big transitions, such as moving from elementary to middle school or high school to out-of-state college.

NYC Schools Are Overcrowded: City Classrooms Overflowing with Students (New York Daily News, 9/18/09)
Thousands of classes citywide are packed to the gills in all grades as schools struggle to stretch every scarce dollar. More than 7,200 classes are over the limit set in the teacher’s union contract, the union says.

Foreign Languages Fall as Schools Look for Cuts (New York Times, 9/11/09)
After years of expanding language offerings, suburban districts across the New York region are now cutting back on staff and instructional time, phasing out less popular languages, and rethinking whether they can really afford to introduce foreign tongues to their youngest students.

Private School Was Our Private Choice (Silicon Valley Mom Blog, 9/1/09)
A mom shares why she decided to forgo the public schools in her hometown and send her son to private school.