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Mom Congress: Education News Roundup

Check out the latest education-related news from around the web -- then be sure to sign the Mom Congress petition to fix No Child Left Behind.

“Race to the Top” education grant propels reforms (USA Today, 11/4/09)
States that want their share of the $4.35 billion federal grant must commit to closing historic achievement gaps and getting more kids into college – and while the first batch of money isn't scheduled to go out until January, state legislatures are scrambling to rewrite laws governing these systems.

A year after election, Obama focuses on schools (Boston Globe, 11/4/09)
President Obama is using the anniversary of his election to call for "a national mission" to improve public education and build it into a pillar of the new economy.

Rachael Ray's sizzling taco strategy to have students eat healthier (New York Daily News, 10/24/09)
This week, 1,200 public schools across New York City will serve up Ray's "sizzling soft tacos" as part of a plan to get kids to eat healthier meals.

Teacher Training Termed Mediocre (New York Times, 10/22/09)
Education Secretary Arne Duncan has implored universities to change the way they prepare teachers to run classrooms, saying a “revolutionary change” was needed to train as many as one million new teachers in five years.

School chooses Kindle; are libraries for the history 'books'? (USA Today, 10/27/09)
A Boston-area boarding school replaces most of the library's books with a brand-new, fully digital collection.