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Mom Congress News Roundup

Dangling Money, Obama Pushes Education Shift (NYT)

"The proposed rules for the $4.3 billion in grants, which the administration calls the Race to the Top, require states to show they are fostering innovation, improving achievement, raising standards, recruiting effective teachers, turning around failed schools and building data systems."WSJ: More on the "Race to the Top" fund.

Americans Doubt Effectiveness of “No Child Left Behind” (Gallup poll)

"Almost half, 45% [of those familiar with the act], say it has made no difference and 29% say it has made public school students' education worse." The good and the bad of No Child Left Behind. the Mom Congress petition to Congress to revamp and improve No Child Left Behind now!

Teacher Pay Could Be Linked to Student Performance, Graduation Rate (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

"'What a lot of people are telling me, both teachers and parents, is they really would like incentives for teachers to show they can significantly improve the areas we care about,' [state Sen. Alberta] Darling said."

Stars Aligning on School Lunches (NYT)

"For the first time since a new wave of school food reform efforts began a decade ago, once-warring camps are sharing strategies to improve what kids eat. The Department of Agriculture is welcoming ideas from community groups and more money than ever is about to flow into school cafeterias, from Washington and from private providers.” Why cafeteria food is affecting your child's health -- and how to take action at his school.

Obama to Appear in Back-to-School Program (AP)

“Obama is appearing in a 30-minute [television] documentary that will air at 8 p.m. Sept. 8 [on various] networks. Obama also plans to deliver a back-to-school speech to the nation's students on the same day."

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