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Mom Jailed Because Her Baby LOLed in Library


Single mom and full-time college student Donnetta Foster, 20, was using a computer to prepare for a job interview at the Decatur Library in Georgia last October, when her baby allegedly laughed too loudly at a flash card. Things weren’t so funny after that. 

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Foster says she tried to quiet her son, but security guards told her to leave and the librarian shut down her computer. After she refused to leave, the librarian called the police, and Foster "became irate yelling in a loud and boisterous manner." After leaving and returning for more yelling and swearing, she was handcuffed and placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and could face up to a year in jail. 

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Today, Foster admits she got too emotional but that police overreacted (apparently six or seven police cars ultimately responded to the scene, according to Foster’s attorney). And they did—Foster was out of control (and people go to libraries to be in relative silence), but putting her in jail for even a day more (she’s already spent two days there because of this incident) will tarnish her and her child's future. 

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And like it or not, librarians, babies make noises. Decatur librarians might be shocked to learn that they, too, laughed at flash cards when they were babies. 

Do you think the library staff and the police overreacted? Should this mom have to serve jail time for her actions?