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Mom Tip: Saving Lemons

Lemon tree
My uncle's amazing lemon tree in Houston, TX.

When I went home for Christmas my uncle was picking the last lemons of the season from the tree in his backyard. He had buckets and buckets full of thin-skinned, fragrant, globe-shaped lemons. He gave tons away and he made more lemonade than an entire extended family can drink in December, and then he ran out of ideas. So my mom (the mom who doesn't like gifts) did what she is good at -- she saved the day.

She juiced the lemons, froze the juice in ice cube trays, and then moved the cubes to plastic bags to keep in the freezer. That week, we added a cube to some cream cheese frosting. Months down the line, when my mom is making Chicken Piccata or wants lemon for her tea, she'll already have it on hand.

Do you have any tips for keeping produce longer?