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Mommies Who Hit the Bottle


(Photo by kspoddar, Creative Commons)


When you need a break from the demands of being a mama, what do you do? Go for a run? Rock out on your iPod? These moms drink, and they're not ashamed to admit it. A new facebook group, Moms- who- sometimes- need- to- go- out- with- girlfriends- &- drink Secret Society has nearly 200,000 members, and is full of pictures and testaments of moms getting tipsy. Other moms who love to hit the bottle are checking out sites like and blogs like mommywantsvodka for "over the top stories, rants and good drink ideas." (And they're warned that this is "not a site for the humorless or serious type mom.") Do you think these sites are harmless ways for moms to get together and de-stress? Or are these ladies going too far?