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Mom's Voice Has Superpowers

Moms, there's no doubt that you're a superhero with superpowers (how else would you be able to do it all?) But now it's a scientifically proven fact. Turns out Mom's soothing voice has the ability to relieve stress in her children, even from afar.

A study done in the US put 60 girls, aged 7-12, in stressful situations, and afterwards they were comforted by either a hug or a phone call from their mothers. The results:

"Their mother's voice produced virtually the same amount of the stress-quelling hormone oxytocin as physical comfort."

This probably comes from the fact that the sound of your voice is familiar to your child from the time they were in utero. So if you've got to be away from your kid, give him a ring; hearing your voice is the next best thing as a big squeeze from mom.