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Mother Doesn't Like Her Own Child

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Many parents have moments where they don’t like their own kid, but the feeling is fleeting. But what if you truly can’t stand the child born to you? The essay that appears in the June issue of Redbook, “Why Don’t I Like My Own Child?”, explores this question. The author, who writes under a pseudonym in order to protect her child, explains that her feelings of disappointment toward her anti-social, developmentally delayed daughter, Sophie, which were only quelled by a diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency at age 7.

Plus: Mom Decides Parenting is Not for Her and Leaves

Disappointment, frustration and confusion are all emotions that accompany any kind of situation where expectations aren’t met, including parenting. So why do a first-time mom’s expectations of a vibrant, loving child and the reality of an eccentric, maladjusted kid, and the feelings of dissatisfaction that come with it, inspire such outrage? Just check out some of the comments on the article, and on TODAYMoms, which featured an anonymous interview with the mom this morning.

Plus: Mom Decides Parenting is Not for Her and Leaves

What do you think? Should parents admit if they don’t like their child so they can get help and understanding, or is the risk of it damaging the child just too great?