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Move to a New Beat During National Dance Week!

Need a new way to get your kids moving? Try dancing. Across the country, dance studios and community groups are offering great ways to get involved—from free workshops to performances—to celebrate National Dance Week. 

In most major cities, you can find performances and classes nightly. There’s a dance studio near our office that offers daily drop-in classes. Each time I walk by, I tell myself I’ll eventually go.

As a young ballerina, I anticipated our spring recitals each year. We’d fidget anxiously while our mothers carefully applied piles of makeup, then we’d pull on our glittery costumes and twirl and spin onstage.

I soon realized I’d never be graceful—I slipped, tripped, stumbled, and tumbled more than I danced. And, so I gave it up.

But now, when my apartment is empty or I’m stuck cleaning, I crank up my iPod and begin a well-choreographed routine, spinning with a broom or mop. I’ll never be the Dancing Queen I thought I would grow into at age 10. Maybe, though, I’ll walk into that dance class one day.