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Play it Again: Great Music for Toddlers

I don't need to tell you about the pain of listening to the same CD 10,000 times when you have a toddler, since anyone who's been there knows how it is. At least I can usually manage to stave off another hour of this -- which, to be fair, my toddler adores - with the following artists, all of whom are ostensibly for kids but I happen to love, myself:

Happy Accidents by Billy Jonas
With clever lyrics and catchy hooks, fun but never too crazy, singer-songwriter Jonas is captivating. Fave tracks: Knock-Knock, and Vitamin Alphabet, and the tongue-twisting "One Tutu Too Many".

Loquat Rooftop by Randy Kaplan
Another singer-songwriter, Kaplan pulls together a great collection of original work and classics. Fave tracks: "Clothes Dryer," and the hilarious "No Nothing"(about a demon cat and his counterpart, Muffin).

Let's Go Everywhere by Medeski, Martin, & Wood
A little weird sometimes, but with a couple of tracks my boy requests by name, particularly "The Train Song" and "On an Airplane." (Sensing a theme, here?)

Go Wagaloo by Sara Lee Guthrie & Family
Arlo Guthrie's daughter puts out a gentle album of mostly original work that might actually be too catchy -- when I woke up at 3 a.m. with the title tune thundering through my head, it was a bit much. Fave tracks: "Go Wagaloo" (with words by granddaddy Woody Guthrie) and "Take Me to Show and Tell".

Imagination Movers: For Those About to Hop
You probably know the show. Did you know how hooky their CD is? With musical tributes to songs moms know and love – "Paint the Day Away" sounds suspiciously like "In a Big Country" - and a wild collection of musical styles, this one's really dance-able. Fave tracks: "Jungle Room" and "The Mother in You" (total sap that I am, I actually cry when I hear it.)

The Fine Friends are Here by Dan Zanes
I know everyone knows about the spectacular, uber-appealing Brooklyn dad, but did you know he has a concert DVD that is absolutely mesmerizing to young music fans? Fave tracks: "El Canario", which I can't stop humming, and "Night Owl", which is such a sweet tune to send little kids to bed with.

Here Come the 1-2-3s by They Might Be Giants
These two albums, one devoted to numbers and one to letters, have been on repeat for about the past 2 years in our house. And I still like them! TMBG are known for their musical innovation, so the songs still feel fresh the 800th time you play them. Fave tracks: "Zeroes", "Number Two", "Alphabet Lost and Found", and "Alphabet of Nations".