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My Co-Sleeping Days Are Over!

And that's a good thing, right?

Our daughter slept in her crib until she was about a year old, and then…it's blurry. Time passed, and when faced with either getting a solid 7-8 hours or dealing with new night-night dramas, we took the easier path. In the process, we also grew to love having her in our bed.

When it comes to daily family time, bedtime is the most special: we sing sweet songs together then drift off to sleep. And when I wake up, the most precious thing in the world is inches from my face, looking so peaceful, reminding me of what the day ahead is all about. We adore our two-year-old bed hog.

Still. I couldn't overcome this nagging thought that we had to put an end to all this co-sleeping business. So this weekend, I put her in her crib, made sure she had her woof-woof, tucked her in, sang some songs, put the ceiling fan on low, turned on the nightlight, and waited in the rocking chair. My husband somehow managed to ignore her cries for freedom. In less than 30 minutes, like a miracle, she was asleep.

Was it really that easy? Are we former co-sleepers? I can hardly believe it! (I already miss it.)

Fellow former co-sleepers, let me know how it's going at your house!

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