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New Mom Nirvana

You could be here -- and trust me, you want to be! Luxurious Rancho la Puerta is Babytalk’s partner in our Love Your New-Mom Body Spa Sweepstakes. They’re giving away an entire week’s stay for one lucky mom at their world-renowned spa nestled in the mountains of Tecate, Mexico, just below San Diego, CA.

I had the serious pleasure of escaping our nasty New York winter and spending a few days here in March, just as the sun was heating up and the flowers were blooming. Glorious morning hikes (as hard or easy as you want them), yummy and healthy spa food (I ate and ate and never had to cook or wash dishes!), over 50 different types of fitness classes all day, every day (or you can just relax by the pool!), and you get to stay in these adorable private villas decorated with Mexican crafts and artwork. Full disclosure: I didn’t go there just dying to get fit. I mostly wanted some tranquil me-time and uninterrupted sleep, with no one crying or yelling, “Mom!” every time I closed the bathroom door. But once you arrive at RLP, you can’t wait to get outside and get moving. You can’t help devouring their take-care-of you advice (while I was there they had a seminar on managing your emotions -- what new mom doesn’t need that?), and you can’t escape the fact that it is possible to eat a lot of food without getting fat if you just choose carefully and cook smart. RLP’s not-so-secret guacamole recipe: Use equal parts avocado and pureed peas to cut down on the fat content. We even had dessert every night.

Picturing a week-long respite from spit-up, smelly diapers, leaky sippy cups, and all those blasted little baby food jars that have to be washed and recycled? All you have to do to enter the sweepstakes and register for our free Love Your New-Mom Body program, a real-world fitness and nutrition plan to help you slowly but surely blast off that baby fat. You won’t be starving, you won’t be aching from too much exercise (unless you choose to overdo it!), and you won’t need to hire a sitter or join a gym -- you can do our workout at home or in a park right alongside your baby. Plus, you’ll get motivational newsletters every week and can talk to our experts and other moms online when you need a boost or want to brag about your progress. Plus: all LYNMB members get a free week’s worth of classes at a StrollerFit location near them.

You know you deserve some downtime at Rancho La Puerta. Yeah, I felt a bit guilty -- until we pulled into the parking lot and I got a glimpse of what was in store. I missed my boys, and felt really terrible when they both got sick and my husband had to deal with it on his own (not!). But you know what they say -- absence does make the heart grow fonder—and I was happy to get back home to them. And being all relaxed and refreshed, I managed to not freak out about all the laundry that was waiting.