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No Cupcakes for You!

We’re all concerned about the obesity epidemic in this country, but is there such a thing as taking it too far?

Manhattan mother MeMe Roth has been making headlines with her crusade against junk food in school. No, we’re not talking about fries and soda served the cafeteria. She wants to outlaw birthday cupcakes brought in by parents and popsicles given as a special treat on a hot day -- unless parents sign a special permission slip. On her National Action Against Obesity's website, she goes even further, calling obesity “abuse” and calling for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies. She’s also criticized Angelina Jolie for allowing her children to eat (and be photographed with) Cheetohs, and had said American Idol winner Jordin Sparks is a bad role model for being a size 12.

I don’t keep much junk food in the house, and am quite strict about my daughter eating fruits and vegetables. But I’m also all about hitting the ice cream truck on a summer day. And I’m sorry, but a birthday without cupcakes feels like the 4th of July with no fireworks. I think moderation is key – and I wonder if making certain foods completely forbidden makes them that much more alluring.

What the treat philosophy in your household? Does MeMe Roth’s approach make sense given the scope of the obesity problem in this country, or is she just too extreme?