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No Excuses: It's NOT Too Late for Holiday Cards!

My dad and me on Christmas Day last year

Sending out holiday cards is a lot of trouble, and if you haven't done it yet, you may be thinking it's too late. But not so fast! Skip on over to, upload a photo, add a message, enter your address book, and they'll do the rest for you. Hurry up and order before December 19 so your family and friends get the cards before Christmas, and you can reap the sweet benefits of the 30% savings they have going on right now for orders $30 and more. I don't mean to be so advertisey, but my mother just said to me three days ago, "oh my! I forgot to write my holiday cards, I'd better do that today!" And just yesterday I received a beautiful card in the mail. I was muy impressed. (And my mom hardly did any work at all. Isn't that what the holidays should be all about?)