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No More Toys in CA County Kiddie Meals

Growing up, getting a McDonald's Happy Meal was a rare treat -- not because of the food, but because of the toy inside. But by May 11, toys in fast food meals will become a thing of the past -- at least in Santa Clara, CA. CNN reported that the county voted to ban toys in fast food kids' meals that have "more than 485 calories, 600 mg of sodium, more than 35% of total calories from fat or 10% of calories from added sugar."

As much as I loved the occasional Happy Meal and toy as a kid, now that more is known about how bad the ingredients in fast food can be, I have to agree that marketing these unhealthy meals to kids is not a great message.

Do you think taking the toy out of a cheeseburger kiddie meal will those red and yellow boxes less appealing to kids? Would you like to see this law adopted in your town?