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Notice anything different? Benefit Brows A-Go-Go

Ever since becoming a mom (actually, since getting pregnant), and developing the concomitant exhaustion, I've forged a whole new relationship with my beauty products. Pre-baby, I'd roll out the door without any makeup, unthinking, carefree. Those days are over. Now, on some sleep-deprived mornings, I feel like my tinted moisturizer is the only thing that hoodwinks the rest of the world into thinking I'm alert.

So, like many moms, I my products. But how can I tell if a product is really working for me? I'm inherently biased, right? Does my bronzer actually make me look energized and glowing, or just orange? I need an outside observer. When I discussed this with Editor-at-Large Stephanie Dolgoff (read some of her articles here) she told me about the "Notice anything different?" game she plays with her family whenever she tries something new. Great idea, and just what I need -- but since my husband responds to this query like a deer in the headlights, I'm going to ask my girlfriends the loaded question whenever possible.

So, first item to be tested: Benefit's Brows A-Go-Go

The product: An adorable case fitted out with brow wax, brow powder, liner, brow highlighter, eyebright cream, brushes, and a teeny tiny tweezers.

The process: This little kit comes with instructions, which I attempted to follow to the letter. I duly brushed on the wax and the powder, tweezed, lined, highlighted my brow and dabbed on the pinky eye-bright at the corners of my eyes. I've never used eyebrow wax before, and I found it most useful in taming my brows. The brow powder smoothed on easily with the appropriate brush, and the tweezers are good and sharp. The eyeliner glided across my lids, and the highlighter and eyebright are pretty much foolproof.

So, notice anything different? Unfortunately, I was a little too enthusiastic with the powder ended up looking a little like Groucho Marx. When I asked my husband if he noticed anything different, he told me "You look crazy."

The verdict: Despite my lack of finesse, I adored the whole thing. The kit is so cute and so perfectly complete, I'm going to give it another shot tonight -- with a much lighter hand. And the price is nice: $38 (suggested retail) for the whole shebang. A little bit of a splurge, but worth it for the range of products and implements. It'll be available in August this year.