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Nutritional Analysis for Dummies

We all try to read labels but sometimes it’s tough to tell what’s really in the stuff we give our kids. Is sucrose the same as fructose -- and how many grams of sugar is too much anyway? boils the sugary content in your favorite products down to a measurement we can all comprehend: sugar cubes. Take a fascinating, disturbing spin through the site by searching for the snacks and drinks your kids beg for. That chocolate milk my kid drank yesterday? She might as well have downed 14.5 sugar cubes. Eek.

The site does list this disclaimer: We don't differentiate between different types of sugar - i.e., sucrose, fructose, cane sugar, corn syrup, honey, etc., although there are differences in how these sugars are metabolized. So don’t be sketched out how much sugar’s in, say, an apple, but do give yourself a reality check on some of the more processed foods in your pantry.