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Obsessed with iPhone Apps?



Moms everywhere are going nutty for the newest secret weapon for battling boredom in a pinch: iPhone applications.

OK, handing over a pricey new phone for your toddler to play with didn't strike us as the best idea in the beginning, either -- but hey, when these clever little apps and games were rumored to silence whines at the grocery store and keep tots smiling in the backseat, we thought it was a risk worth taking.

And when we learned that there are countless applications you can download that are actually educational for young minds? Well, we we climbed right onboard.

Check out our favorite 25 iPhone Apps for Kids for some ideas to get you started!

Already a iPhone app veteran? Which games have proven to keep your kids entertained?


Warning: Even though these apps are designed for tots, that doesn't mean you won't find yourself completing a Mad Lib story on your iPhone while waiting to get your teeth cleaned.