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Office Bumpwatch: Dawn Roode


Name: Dawn Roode
Job: Managing Editor, Parenting
Due date: 9/11/09
How long it took: At 39 years old, I feel very blessed -- it took only a few months (not a honeymoon baby, but close enough!)
How you told: I handed my mom a manila envelope across a restaurant table -- when she pulled the sonogram out, the tears welled immediately. As for our friends: We had a big cocktail party to celebrate our recent Italian wedding…and we spilled the beans to the gathering of 125 nearest and dearest over a toast -- and were greeted with the loudest, most joyful cheer!
Is this your first? Yup.
Do you know what you're having? And spoil the biggest surprise of my life?
Is pregnancy harder or easier than you thought? Easier -- so far (don’t want to jinx it!)
What I love: My energy level, the fact that the hormones seem to have temporarily cured my chronic insomnia, and most of all, the sense of anticipation and wonder at what’s happening inside me.
Not so much: My bionic sense of smell. And now that we’re approaching summer in the big city…well, I’m scared.
Just plain weird: Despite having to get up seven times a night to head to the bathroom, my dreams just seem to continue each time I fall back to sleep -- it’s like I’ve paused them on Tivo.
Don't go there: Guys -- seated guys -- on a crowded subway who eye the round belly of the pregnant woman standing near them, then not-so-subtly pull the newspaper higher in front on their faces …what ever happened to gallantry, gentlemen?
Can't live without: Oral-B Stages Winnie the Pooh Berry Bubble toothpaste -- the only flavor I’ve been able to stomach since getting pregnant.