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Office Bumpwatch: Jessica Dukes


Name: Jessica Dukes
Job: Social Media Manager
Due date: October 7, 2010
How long it took: Uh...two weeks. (Yeah. Kinda freaked us out, too.)
How you told: I wrapped up my positive pregnancy tests and gave them
to my husband on Valentine's Day.
Is this your first? Nope. We also have an almost-three-year-old daughter.
Do you know what you're having? Not yet, but we're going to find out early.
Is pregnancy harder or easier than you thought? Easier, until the last few weeks. Then, all I'll want to do is beach myself on the couch and catch up on my Netflix queue.
What I love: Being forced to slow down and take extra care of myself.
Not so much: Those nagging worries that never leave the back of your mind. And people who act like they don't see my swinging belly inches from their face because they don't want to give up their seat on the subway.
Just plain weird: The odd, random personal questions from complete strangers like, "Are you going to have another one after this?" or "Did you have your amnio yet?"
Don't go there: I'll give birth in whatever way suits me best, thank you very much.
Can't live without: Coconut water and croissants saved me in the first few, queasy months. These days, if I'm not careful, I'll "accidentally" eat a whole box of macaroni and cheese every day. Every. Day.