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The Organic Milk Debacle

This weekend was budgeting time in my household. Like many people, I’m not making as much as I used to a few years ago, so Rob and I had to make some choices: Netflix was out, as was premium cable. My grandmother, who I got on email years ago, is going to have to switch to Gmail. (Her ancient AT&T address is costing us $25 a month. I know! I know! But Abuelita is change-averse, so I’d been putting it off.) I also spent hours, totally riveted, reading a thread about how much people spend on groceries.

Then, that afternoon, I ran into a friend and offered to drive her to the store, because she said she was low on milk and so was I. "I usually go to the organic store," she said. "The milk costs about the same. Why don’t we go there?" I’m by no means an organic girl -- Rob’s in the military, and we usually just buy whatever’s cheap at the commissary -- but I really like spending time with this friend and so, why not? Well, when we got there, a gallon of organic milk was $6. I’m used to paying less than $2. (Thanks, Uncle Sam!) I was so freaked out that when she wandered into another aisle, I furtively called Rob. (Got voicemail, no help.) So, left to my own devices and not wanting to be rude -- and, honestly, a little curious -- I bought the $6 milk. The whole thing got me thinking about the sacrifices we’re willing and not willing to make, money-wise, for our kids. My friend’s son is an amazing little boy: He’s musical, cheerful, very verbal. I bet the milk helps; I know his mom, who has great mommy-chops, would never go without it. So it’s not like I think it’s useless -- but for whatever reason, it falls outside my "willing to do" limit. I’ll pay for swim classes, developmental toys, possibly, if we could swing it, private school. That’s a lot more than $6, but somehow one goes in my yes pile, and the other not. So what on earth is this about? I don’t know.

I do know, though, that to add insult to injury, Diego won’t drink the milk.

What about you guys? Is there anything you’re irrationally willing -- or NOT willing --to pay for for your kid?