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Our Interview with Kate Gosselin

I've seen every episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight, and clearly I'm not the only one fascinated with the Gosselin family. Like many of the show's fans, I was often taken aback with Kate's gruff attitude toward Jon; calling him stupid in front of the kids or yelling at him in public. Still, I was excited to meet her. She didn't seem nearly as excited to meet me -- she wouldn't look me in the eye and sat stiffly in her chair with her arms crossed in front of her chest. (Her hair, I must say, was every bit as perfect as I imagined it would be. So blonde! So... spikey!) She eased into the interview after a few minutes though, loosening her shoulders, laughing, and getting animated about her children.

She got fired up when we started talking about her help. Kate Gosselin does not like the word "nanny." It isn't allowed in her household. To Gosselin, it implies her biggest fears: loss of control and her role as a mother.

She was most emotional when talking about this Fall, when all of her children would attend kindergarten three days a week. "It's going to be too quiet," she said. "Kind of sad." It's hard to picture her alone in her house -- something that she said has happened only twice since she moved in. As I pushed her to talk about how she felt, she looked at Rachel, the Director of, and said, "Is she trying to make me cry?"

Of course we asked about Jon. Did she want to talk about any of the nasty rumors that are plastered all over the tabloids? No.

The first episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight: Season Five was hard to watch. Those crooked houses were a little too symbolic. I'm glad the show is taking a break; I think everyone needs it.

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