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Parenting Bumpwatch: Katie Phelan


Name: Katie Phelan
Job: Account Manager, The Parenting Group
Due date: 8/12/09
How you told: I ended up having to tell my family very early on. I found out myself in early December, and a week or so later my mom told me that my brother and his fiance were going to book their wedding for 8/15. Given that with my first baby, I was 3 days late and by my calculations I would be in the hospital the day of the wedding, I shared the news very early.
Is this your first? No, it’s my second. My first is a boy who will be 3 in July.
Do you know what you're having? Yep, a girl
Is pregnancy harder or easier than you thought? Oh, I suppose a little easier in some ways and harder in others.
What I love: The pants – I don’t know why we ever put zippers and buttons on our pants!
Not so much: Always always always having to pee.
Just plain weird: I am constantly congested…no fun but, strange how accustomed you can get to not breathing well!
Don't go there: Constant reminders about the first couple of months of no sleep. I have just vague enough memories of the sleep deprivation the first time around to tell myself it wont be that bad. I don’t like others stressing me out with the reality check of how brutal it may be!
Can't live without: Jell-O pudding…these treat just tastes so much better when you’re pregnant.