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Parenting Bumpwatch: Lori Rosen



We're introducing a new series here on The Daily Fave called Bumpwatch, where we introduce you to pregnant women in our offices.

Name: Lori Rosen
Job: Director, Partnerships & Business Development
Due date: July 11th
How long it took: Not long! We've been blessed in that department, both times.
How you told: I was incredibly pissed at my husband for no particular reason and as I was picking a fight with him, thought to myself “better go get a pregnancy test today” -- I was that irrational. Sure enough, peed on the stick and got two lines. So that night before handing him the stick I said, “Remember how crazy I was this morning? This is why.”
Is this your first? My 2nd. My daughter Abby is almost 2.
Do you know what you're having? Another girl! We did not find out the sex the first time around, this time around I thought it would be easier to prepare Abby to know if it was a brother or sister on the way. Plus, now we know that we don't need to buy any stuff, since we have mountains of girl clothes at home.
Is pregnancy harder or easier than you thought? Harder than the first time as now I have an active toddler to chase. But I am still lucky to have pretty easy pregnancies -- no morning sickness either time.
What I love: Feeling the baby move. So cool. A little alien, but cool.
Not so much: The terrible backache, difficulty sleeping, just how hard it is to get around as you get bigger. And I'm huge. I'm only 5'2”, so this baby has nowhere to go. I'm all belly.
Just plain weird: Must have chocolate soy milk when pregnant. Both times, I drank gallons of it. Never normally drink it.
Don't go there: I am not fond of the people who say “10 weeks to go?? But you're so big! Must be twins.” Honestly, people, think before you speak. All a pregnant woman needs to hear is “you look fantastic.” Period, end of story.
Can't live without: Couldn't sleep a wink without my ginormous snoogle pregnancy pillow. My poor husband -- he hates that thing.