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LOL: Kids’ Hilarious Answers to “What’s a Smurf?”

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What the smurf is a Smurf? Of course you know—you grew up watching those cute mushroom dwellers on Saturday morning. But what about your kids? After all, they're the target audience for The Smurfs, the new movie starring Katy Perry, in theaters this week.

We had our Facebook followers ask their children, “What's a smurf?” Hilarity ensued:

It's what happens when you sneeze.

A big daddy whale.

The blue people with cool hats.

A small pink animal.

A type of marshmallow.

A blue creature that lives in our TV.

It’s what Nemo called the sea turtles.

It's when two people kiss each other and do the hula.

We haven't learned that in school yet.


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