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Most Embarrassing Parenting Moments


Our editors dish on some of their most embarrassing parenting moments, from untimely episodes of bodily functions (on the part of kids and parents!) to over-sharing strangers—these are the times when you just have to laugh instead of cry.

When my son was about a month old, a woman came up to me in the ladies' room, where I was nursing him, to tell me what a beautiful thing I was doing. Then she said, “Don't ever let anyone tell you that nursing will ruin your breasts. I nursed my daughter for five years [!], and my breasts are beautiful. Take a look.” And she proceeded to lift her shirt off and show me her naked chest!
--Beth Weinhouse, Deputy Editor
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It happened one Sunday morning at Mass. My then 5-year-old son was sitting in the front pew while I was singing onstage. Mid-song, he stands up in front of the entire congregation and starts peeing in a nearby planter full of poinsettias meant to be given away to all the mothers for Christmas.
--Jerry Pomales, Creative Director

Aden had invited a friend over, and the mother (whom I'd never met) said yes when I asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee. She started explaining how glad she was to see how much her son liked Aden, since he seemed like a good influence. With that, Aden came strutting into the living room wearing one of my bras, laughing as he said, “I have boobies! I have boobies!”
--Christina Vercelletto, Senior Editor
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When Clara was about 5, we got a ride one evening from some friends. We climbed into their car, which was really nice, so I asked what kind it was. The wife told us, “This is a Lexus.” My daughter sweetly replied, “My mommy says our car is a garbage can on wheels.”
--Deborah Skolnik, Senior Editor

When my water broke all over the lobby, elevator, and admitting office of NYU Hospital.
--Sasha Emmons, Deputy Editor,

Now it's your turn: What's your most embarrassing parenting moment?