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Wiffle Ball, Freeze Tag and Other Kid Games Deemed Unsafe

According to new legislation introduced in New York State, to survive classic schoolyard games like Capture the Flag is to cheat death. Yes, that’s right: state legislators are now saying Wiffle Ball, kickball and dodgeball pose a “significant risk of injury,” and along with Capture the Flag, plus Steal the Bacon and Red Rover, are deemed too “dangerous” for day camps.

Many parents and some legislators are calling the new regulations ridiculous, saying they send a mixed message when kids are simultaneously being encouraged to be more active. One Harlem mom retorts that kids are more at risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and diabetes from video game playing than they are for running around outside.
The legislation was introduced to regulate summer camp programs, many of which will now need medical staff or a medical emergency plan if campers are engaging in one of the “risky” activities on the list. Although we’re all for safer conditions at camp programs, we hope this won’t lead to an increase in sedentary activities for campers.

What do you think? Are playground games dangerous enough to be subject to regulation?