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Police Officer Kicks Pregnant Woman in the Stomach

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Jerad Wheeler, an officer with the DeKalb County Police Department in Georgia, is guilty of kicking a woman in the stomach— a woman who was nine months pregnant, according to Altanta's WSB-TV news.

Wheeler responded to a call about domestic dispute over child custody, which involved the brother of Raven Dozier, the pregnant woman. Wheeler allegedly kicked Dozier in the stomach after she became upset over her brother being tased by the officer.  Wheeler also charged her with obstruction of a police officer, but luckily, that charged was dropped after Dozier was arrested and taken to the county jail—who refused to accept her once they saw she was pregnant.

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Wheeler argues that Dozier was being aggressive, and as a result he used the type of kick he was taught to do at the police academy. The officer also argues that it was dark and Dozier's clothing made it difficult to tell that she was pregnant. His supervisors approved the police report, saying Wheeler followed procedure.

Despite bruising left behind by the kick, Dozier had an emergency C-section two weeks after the incident and gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Levi. But Dozier isn't finished yet; she wants justice: "I believe that something should be done. Men go to jail every day for hitting women and it's not OK just because he is a police officer," Dozier told WSB-TV.

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Do you think the officer was just doing his job? How do you think this case should be resolved?