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Pregnant at the Olympics

Have you been watching the Winter Olympics? At my house the DVR is slowly filling with unwatched ice hockey preliminaries and ski jumping events. For some reason - maybe it's just nostalgia - today's games just don't seem to measure up to the latter-day Cold War games of my childhood. After the Miracle on Ice, it's all been...downhill.

I managed to catch the snowboarding halfpipe event last night. American Shaun White took the gold after landing Double McTwist 1260. I have some difficulty taking a sport seriously that has tricks named after a value meal. But this was a stunning trick, and White is some athlete.

Still I have to say the most amazing story I've heard so far in this year's Olympics is that of Kristie Moore. Moore is on the Canadian curling team as an alternate, and she enters the games at 5-1/2 months pregnant! Now there's an amazing athlete. Makes me wonder: If the International Olympic Committee held Olympic events just for pregnant women, what would the competitions be?