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Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

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It’s T-minus 3 days until Valentine’s Day, and you’re realizing that those crafty handmade valentines you envisioned are so not happening. (And if you’re experiencing anything like we are on the East Coast, it’s too darn snowy to get out to the store for supplies anyway.)

Help is here, just in time for school parties tomorrow. We’ve rounded up the cutest, easiest printable valentines from and around the web. Some are print-and-color, while other are good to go fresh off the press.

Our print-n-color cards

Lovebirds card from The Long Thread

French girl valentines from Inside a Black Apple (above -- my fave!)

Candy heart valentines from Bunnycakes

Owl card from Living Locurto

Critter cards from Secret Agent Josephine