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The Problem With Princesses

Over on The Root, Monique Fields laments the fact that her girly girl daughter is into princesses and sparkles, declaring, "Enough with the princesses!"

Whatever in the world do princesses do? More importantly, how do they get paid? Real life is not a fairy tale, and few folks live happily ever after. So just what are we telling our girls when we dress them up in frilly dresses, dust them with makeup and put glitter in their hair before they really know who they are?

I went through stages of obsession with all of the Disney princesses as a little girl, but I can assure you that I never wanted actually be a princess, and I knew this wasn't reality. Kids are pretty smart -- they know the difference, and they know that fairy tales are just for fun. We should let them have that fun while we can, as reality will set in all too soon. (I still want to dress up in frilly dresses and put glitter in my hair, but since it's less socially acceptable for an adult, I'm glad I got it out of my system as a little girl.)

What do you think? Is Fields right, or are princesses harmless?

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