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Psst, Great Baby Gift Over Here

I feel this (mainly self-imposed) pressure to come up with great baby gifts, since I work at Parenting. I even get asked at parties what people should give their new niece, their neighbor’s kid, whomever. For some reason, I freeze. Faced with a baby shower or a plea from someone who wants to be the cool aunt, I can’t come up with a single thing besides Goodnight Moon. (A must-have, yes, but one even childless young men seem to know about.)

That’s why I’m psyched to have learned about the Sophie Giraffe. Apparently, this is the in toy among New York City moms. And there is something so totally adorable about her:

Sophie Giraffe

She’s made with natural rubber (no phthalates), so is safe for a baby, too. I’ve got all the hip-mama’s concerns covered with Sophie, and I intend to pass her off as my insidery tip for as long as possible. And so, to the woman at the cocktail party last weekend (a little too late): This is the cool new thing. You will be the hit of the shower, and your sister (oh, and her baby girl) will be the stars of the playground.